Blood and Liver Sausages


Indulge in refined and pure quality – in our restaurant or at home

Our blood and liver sausages do not contain any emulsifiers, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Fresh pork and poultry liver is used for the meat mixture. The secret lies in the combination of fine herbs and spicery, such as fresh nutmeg, cloves, pepper, fresh onions and marjoram. But we will not unveil all of the secrets that are to our sausages.

The fresh meat mixture is immediately stuffed into quality hog casings. We produce only small quantities of our products, thus guaranteeing an exquisite aromatic and fresh taste experience.

Not only are our blood and liver sausages listed in our menu throughout the whole year, but also offered in combination with sophisticated trimmings. Our delicacy is also to take away and can be enjoyed at home.

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